A Middle Schooler's Nightmare Come True

Today I survived yet another stressful experience (it's been a roller-coaster ride of a spring). I was asked to do my "Stories on the Fire Escape" presentation for 150 seventh-graders. I've done this in so many places now I usually don't get nervous. But this was IN MY SONS' SCHOOL (they weren't going to be there, since they're in sixth grade, but still ...)

I had to dress carefully. I couldn't tell silly jokes. Remember — their social life could be at stake if I blew it. I did the best I could and didn't rest till I picked them up after school.

Apparently, a seventh-grade girl strode over to the sixth-grade boys' table at lunch. "Was that your Mom at assembly this morning?"

"Yes," my sons admitted bravely.

"Your dog is sure cute," she told them, and walked away.

I always end with photos of our pets — Arwen and Legolas, our ferrets, and Strider. Yeah! A good-looking yellow Lab saves the day!