Grace Lee? I Know Her!

When I tried to register the domain name "," I found it was already hosted by a witty, India-based, tech-savvy young woman named ... Mitali. Our first name is actually quite common; I've been told by many a traveler about Mitali Restaurant in New York City, which apparently does justice to the name (it means "friendly").

When it comes to "Mitali Perkins," however, I'm fairly sure I'm the only one on the planet. That's not true of "Grace Lee." By some estimates, there are 2000 in North America alone. One of them set out to explore the ramifications of sharing a common Asian name:
When Korean American filmmaker Grace Lee was growing up in Missouri, she was the only Grace Lee she knew. Once she left the Midwest however, everyone she met seemed to know "another Grace Lee." But why did they assume that all Grace Lees were reserved, dutiful, piano-playing overachievers? The filmmaker plunges into a funny, highly unscientific investigation into all those Grace Lees who break the mold -- from a fiery social activist to a rebel who tried to burn down her high school. With wit and charm, THE GRACE LEE PROJECT puts a hilarious spin on the eternal question, "What's in a name?"
Check the film out at a town near you this summer.