Ode to Librarians

This morning I spoke to 75 librarians who work in the City of Boston, either in the schools or in the public libraries. The seminar was sponsored by the Foundation of Children's Books. I always get choked up at the end of my "Books Between Cultures" presentation, when I speak of the debt I owe to librarians. As an immigrant kid with no extra money to buy books, my only source of stories was in the library. I quickly became an addict, drawn back week after week for a fix. I still can't walk into a library without a sense of awe at the treasure and abundance so freely shared. So — a thousand thanks to librarians. Keep an eye on that shy child who slips in the children's room and heads to the shelves, gorging on the feast of stories you've gathered. She, or he, may well end up a writer. Or better yet, a librarian.