Samosas, Sarees, and X-Box Games

The YA librarians at Reading Public Library hosted an India night last night, and invited me to meet some of their teens. We sampled pakoras, samosas, chai, papad, and plantain chips, and talked about how good stories can help make sense of life's struggles. After my presentation, the girls came up for a "sisterhood of the traveling saree" bonding time. When it comes to this Indian garment, one size truly fits all, no lycra necessary.

The library's vision to serve teens is inspiring — books, mags, and comfy chairs in a cozy corner of the main floor (far away from the kiddie section upstairs); thoughtfully purchased manga, comics, and graphic novels arranged in an alluring display; and, last but not least, a selection of Game Cube, X-Box, and Play Station games to borrow for free. It doesn't get better than that. Thanks, Reading, Massachusetts!