Per Capita School Librarian

Before you move into a neighborhood, ask these two questions: Do all the schools in town have their own librarians? Does the community employ more school librarians this year than they did five years ago?

I just got back from presenting and signing books in Pittsburgh, where four thousand librarians are attending the AASL's National Convention. Our school district recently eliminated several school librarian positions — a warning sign, perhaps, that a once-forward-thinking community is beginning to decline. Our elementary school librarian now runs back and forth between two schools.

Get this through your heads, people — school librarians are not expendable book stampers and shelve organizers. The majority are talented, inspiring educators involved in the teaching of every discipline, including cutting-edge technology, and in integrating them for students of many capabilities. So fugeddaboud "location, location, location." Here's the new mantra for the savvy real estate broker: "Librarian, librarian, librarian."