Stuff Disney Added That I Actually Liked

The Narnia film added a few nice layers to the book — yes, you read that right. An anti-adaptations curmudgeon can surprise you every now and then with unusual open-mindedness. I enjoyed:
  • Peter's coming-of-age as he accepts the call to protect and reconcile his family.
  • The nuances of relationship between the siblings (except for the scene where Peter and Edumund apologize to Lucy and she retorts with sarcasm instead of grace — an update for this generation of viewers that was definitely not in the book).
  • The first scenes of bombing in London and mothers sending their children to the countryside (communicating the stress of C.S. Lewis' England in wartime).
  • The timing and development of Edmund's role in betraying his siblings, handing over important information to the Witch, and gradual repentance.
Anybody want to add to the list?