Bamboo People! Come Forth!

I just had lunch with Judy O'Malley of Charlesbridge and handed her a revision of Bamboo People into which I tried to weave her insightful suggestions. She'd read a draft back in October but discussed the characters today as though she'd visited them in the refugee camp last week. And she's going to share the book with other Charlesbridge folks and get back to me soon, telling me once again that she loves it! Hooray!

She also gave me the galleys for Rickshaw Girl laced throughout with Jamie Hogan's amazing illustrations. Wait till you see the cover; I can't wait to show it off out here on the Fire Escape. I read the book again just now, and Jamie's illustrations make me love Naima, my main character, even more than I already do. I hope you come to love her too — the book comes out Spring 2007, but Charlesbridge should have ARCs ready by the holidays this year. Enjoy the weekend; I plan to, it's in the high-sixties here in Boston and I can see the tips of the daffies in my garden.