Hyphenated Origins Museum Exhibit

Some of my faithful blog readers might remember that I consulted a few months back as the Newton History Museum in Massachusetts embarked on an exhibit about immigration. I'm pleased to announce that "Hyphenated Origins: Going Beyond The Labels" is now up and running, and it's a poignant, story-based exhibit that's well worth seeing. This from curator Sheila Sibley:

Hyphenated-Origins: Going Beyond The Labels
February 2006 - February 2008
Newton History Museum
527 Washington Street
Newton, MA

This vibrant new exhibit presents the life experiences of seven Newton high school students whose families emigrated from China, Mexico, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Russia. Chen Chen, Andrea Jacqueline Navarro Lujan, Rachel Park, Beata Shuster, Yin Yue Wong, Stephanie Yong, and Ken Zhao share their stories, and explore the advantages and challenges of forming an identity balanced between cultures.