New Moon Magazine Book Club

As a mother of sons, I had an eye-opening experience last night: I chatted on-line with the girls of the New Moon Book Club. Insightful comments and witty banter showed up in the chat room, while on another screen the girls asked philosophical questions that sent my own fingers flying. Wow! My mind was racing long after we exited the conversation. Now I'm back to reading masculine non-verbals to glean clues about middle school life and engaging in techno-entertainment chat. Don't get me wrong -- I like conversations about the new X-men movie (can't wait to see it), StarCraft, and whether the PS3 is really going to be worth all that money, and I know girls talk about stuff like that, too. But last night, it was all about Jazz, the protagonist of Monsoon Summer, and being a strong, beautiful girl. Thanks, New Moon!