Why I Write For Kids (Reason #3)

To refresh your memory, here are reasons one and two. (Remember: not ranked in order of importance.) Okay, ready for #3? Writing YA can score you major maternal points when it comes to your teenaged sons.

How might your books earn the admiration of this tough crowd, you wonder? After all, you are the Queen of Dorkdom in the Castle; these are the guys who started calling you "Momdeeza" after you cheered too strenuously for the voluptuous woman-of-color American Idol contestant. Not to mention that your books are way too "girly" for their robust masculine tastes.

Here's how it works. Every now and then, a hot girl will saunter across the cafeteria to where your son is sitting. "Isn't your Mom an author?" she'll ask. "Didn't she write blankety-blank? I loved that book!"

"Yeah," your son will answer casually, as his buddies look on with envy. "That's my Mom."

Stay tuned for Reason #4.