Children's and YA Books on War and Terrorism

I invite you to peruse two lists on this somber anniversary. First, from the American Library Association, a list of books for teens on terrorism. And second, an international list from the University of Washington, Reading 9/11 Through Children's Books (.doc file; note the number of titles from Japan):

Andryszewski, Tricia. Terrorism in America. Brookfield, Conn.: The Millbrook Press, 2002.

Campbell, Geoffrey A. A Vulnerable America: An Overview of National Security. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

Corona, Laurel. Hunting down the Terrorists: Declaring War and Policing Global Violations. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

Currie, Stephen. Terrorists and Terrorist Groups. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2002.

Durrell, Ann and Marilyn Sachs, ed. The Big Book for Peace.

Frank, Mitch. A Nation Challenged: a Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath. New York: Scholastic, 2002.

Frank, Mitch. Understanding September 11th: Answering Questions About the Attacks on America. New York: Viking, 2002.

Gerstein, Mordicai. The Man Who Walked Between The Towers. Roaring Brook, 2003.

Goodman, Robin F. The Day our World Changed: Children's Art of 9/11. New York: Harry N. Abrams, 2002.

Greif, Jean-Jacques. Nine Eleven. Paris: l'Ecole des loisirs, 2003.

Hamilton, John. Operation Noble Eagle. Edina, Minn.: Abdo Pub., 2002.

Hampton, Wilborn. September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City. Cambridge, Mass.: Candlewick Press, 2003.

Hibbert, Adam. Le Terrorisme. Montreal: Editions Ecole active, 2002.

Hirata, Itsuko. Oshiete! Iraku no Senso to Imamukashi. Tokyo: Chobunsha, 2003-2004.

Margulies, Phillip. Al Qaeda: Osama bin Laden's Army of Terrorists. New York: Rosen Pub. Group, 2003.

Marquette, Scott. America under Attack. Vero Beach, Fla.: Rourke Pub.

Miller, Debra A. The War against Iraq. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

Miller, Raymond H. The War in Afghanistan. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

Mintzer, Richard. Keeping the Peace: the U.S. Military Responds to Terror. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 2003.

Patel, Andrea. On that Day: A Book of Hope for Children. Berkeley, Calif.: Tricycle Press, 2002.

Pineau, Marcel. Panique a Bagdad. Paris: MICHALON Jeunesse, 2003.

Poffenberger, Nancy. September 11, 2001: A Simple Account for Children. Cincinnati, OH: Fun Pub., 2002.

Richie, Jason. Iraq and the fall of Saddam Hussein. Minneapolis: Oliver Press, 2003.

Sierra, Hector. Ano hi no koto o kakimashita: Nyu Yoku to Afuganisutan e de tsutaeru kodomotachi no kokoro. Tokyo: Kodansha, 2002.

Streissguth, Thomas. Combating the Global Terrorist Threat. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

Takahashi, Kuniyori. Boku no mita senso: 2003-nen Iraku. Tokyo: Popurasha, 2003.

Uchibori, Takeshi. Afuganistan: Yuki to Egao. Tokyo: Kokudosha, 2004.

Wells, Donna Koren. Live Aware, Not in Fear: The 411 After 9-11, A Book for Teens. Deerfield Beach, Fla.: Health Communications, 2002.

Wheeler, Jill C. September 11, 2001: The Day that Changed America. Edina, MN: Abdo Pub., 2002.

Williams, Brian Oct. Attack on America: 11 September 2001. London: Cherrytree Books, 2003.

Woolf, Alex. Terrorism: The Impact on our Lives. Chicago: Raintree, 2004.

Yancey, Diane. Life of an American Soldier in Afghanistan. San Diego: Lucent Books, 2004.

From the library: Do you know of a children’s book that belongs in this list? We are looking for additional children’s books dealing with September 11, the Iraq War, terrorism, and the image of the United States in the Middle East. We are especially interested in items that show other countries’ perspectives on these topics and in books written in languages other than English. If you have a title to suggest, please contact Kathleen Collins at