These Days, Young Readers Want To Escape

Anita Silvey, in a School Library Journal article called "The Unreal Deal," makes the following case about the changing tastes of young readers:
Move over, Holden Caulfield. There’s a new breed of teen heroes in town. In fact, there’s been such a shift in young adults’ reading tastes that all of us are scrambling to figure out what truly appeals to teens. Of one thing I’m certain: instead of craving realistic stories about people like themselves, today’s teens are crazy about characters (and scenarios) that have little in common with their own everyday lives. As one young reader put it, his peers are hunting for novels that will “take them away to another world, not like this one.”
What with all the stress in their own lives, it's no wonder teens are reluctant to read "problem novels." Can this desire to be taken away be fulfilled by traveling via story to real destinations, or is it satisfied only by escaping to fantasy realms?