Bulletin's Rising Star: Lenore Look

The challenge of a "multicultural" author is to win that knowing nod from young readers who share your cultural heritage as well as to engage and entertain readers from all backgrounds. As the Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books points out, author Lenore Look seems to be pulling off this challenging feat:
In the chapter books Ruby Lu, Brave and True, an ALA Notable Children's Book, and its sequel, Ruby Lu, Empress of Everything, Look has created an enduring and appealing heroine, with boldness and creativity enough to appeal to readers from any background and with cultural resonance that will entice outsiders and welcome insiders. Ruby's life brings a bicultural flair to the early reading format through the seamless incorporation of such details as lessons and activities in Chinese school, the differences between American and Chinese sign language that are raised as Ruby gets to know her deaf cousin who is a recent immigrant, and the infusion of Cantonese words in the text into her daily life.
Look is featured as the Bulletin's November Rising Star author. Congratulations from the Fire Escape!