Cynsations Interviews Yolanda LeRoy of Charlesbridge

Life's not fair. Yolanda LeRoy really is as mega-glam as she appears in this photo, and a Harvard grad to boot. But fuggedaboud that stuff -- what we care about here on the Fire Escape is her innovative vision as editorial director of Charlesbridge, right? With two novels coming from Charlesbridge, Rickshaw Girl (2007) and The Bamboo People (2010), I've been experiencing firsthand the author-coddling that Yolanda describes in an enlightening interview conducted by Cynthia Leitich Smith:
As far as the benefits for an author or illustrator working with us, I like to think there are many: individual attention, a greater proportion of our focus on each person's book (one of fifteen per list, as opposed to one of 150), the flexibility to publish projects that might not work elsewhere, not being beholden to shareholders or large governing boards, and a team-oriented, family business atmosphere, to name a few.