Writing Process: Don't Do This

People sometimes ask about how I get inspired and push through writer's block, so I prepared this short video to demonstrate what I used to do. Do not, I repeat do not, try this at home.

Yes, that was eight pieces of double bubble gum in my mouth -- AT THE SAME TIME. The video (taken by my son -- that's his desk, not mine; mine is messier) is a re-enactment of an actual event that took place two years ago and marked the onset of TMJ in my life. I had to quit gum cold turkey (no seasonal pun intended) -- even soft Bazooka, my absolute favorite. So I'm still on the hunt for a replacement writer's block relieving strategy that won't damage body, mind, or soul. Any suggestions (PG only, please)?

(I'm leaving the Fire Escape for T-day, so for a holiday-oriented tidbit, I offer you last year's post about how this is the absolute best holiday for immigrants. Be safe, be grateful, and come back to chat on Monday).