Blog Crushes EXPOSED!

Thanks to Chicken Spaghetti, A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy, Fuse Number 8, and MotherReader, a crowd came out to the Fire Escape yesterday. My stats went nuts with the convergence of links from just those four blogs. Good thing Big A little a didn't post something about my quest for blog crush confessions -- we might have completely run out of snacks for all the visitors stopping by. (What? You didn't get any? Well, you'll have to come to one of my book launch parties in 2007, where steaming cups of Darjeeling tea and savory samosas are sure to be served.)

A solid community of children's lit bloggers has emerged over the past couple of years, and the ripples are beginning to affect the industry. Is anybody documenting the ebb and flow of this development? Setting up the Cybils Awards was such a fluid, fascinating process, for example. Judging by the librarians, authors, parents, readers, and editors who peruse the sites and click on links, blogs are already having an impact in shaping the larger picture. We have no idea how they affect book sales, however. I'm sure one of you academic or number-crunching types will eventually figure out a way to measure the power of a blog review, but for now we're riding the wave and saying it's all good. (If you're an author wondering if you should start blogging for marketing purposes, read Does Blogging Sell Books? first. Source: Galleycat via Fuse.)

Anyway, here's a list of oh-so-fly charismatic blogs that can make us swoon by mentioning our name, blog, or book:

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Sepia Mutiny
Fuse Number 8
Suburban Turmoil
Defective Yeti
Mo Willems
Oz and Ends
Miss Snark
Bitch PhD
Phantom Scribbler
Rate Your Students
John Green
Brent Hartinger
Chicken Spaghetti
A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy
Big A little a
BookmootBlog on School Library Journal
About Last Night
writing as jo(e)
Maud Newton
Book Buds
Writing With A Broken Tusk
Little Willow
Jen Robinson's Book Page

I'll keep updating as new crushes are confessed here, but in the meantime, why not share the love by adding a couple of new links to your blogroll or website? And if you're really in the mood to procrastinate (as I obviously am), check out (and vote for) these great blogs nominated for the 2006 Weblog Awards (sadly, though no kid lit or even lit categories in sight).