Revision: Tips From Blume And Beyond

I love the possibilities in a literal take of the word "revision" -- to see your writing again, hopefully this time with fresh eyes. If you, like me, write ______ first drafts (pick up Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird to fill in the blank), why not peruse this fantastic (free!) on-line issue of Weekly Reader's Writing Magazine featuring tips and techniques on revision from the likes of Judy Blume and Lee Bennett Hopkins? (Source: Sandhya Nankani, editor, Writing Magazine)

Writing Electronic Issue
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Revision is an essential stage of the writing process. It's not always easy, but all writers—even famous ones—do it. And so must you! In this handy guide from the editors of Writing you'll find exclusive advice from well-known authors and poets, examples of famous manuscripts, and simple prescriptions for better writing. Print it out. Read it. Study it. Put it in a three-ring binder. Save it. But, most of all, use it! We're pretty sure that it will help you grow into a stronger, more effective writer!
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Feature Story
The Revision Files (PDF)

Manuscript Study | Revision Lessons from:
Judy Blume (PDF)
Lee Bennett Hopkins (PDF)
Student Writer Christian Garcia (PDF)

Grammar Slammer
Omit Needless Words (PDF)

With a Little Help from my Friends: The Gifts of a Writing Buddy (PDF)

Writing's Top 10 Tips for Revision (PDF)

Your Turn
You Be the Editor (PDF)
Revision Checklist (PDF)