Hey! A Librarian's Being Meme To Me!

Thanks to Librarian Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace, and A Tea Cozy, I get to share five surprising things about myself on the Fire Escape today. So gather around, my precious, it's time to tell some secrets (which reminds me, if you haven't voted in my book title poll yet, please contribute your opinion in the sidebar to the right as it's neck and neck between two of the possibilities).

1. Once upon a time (the sixties), in a galaxy far, far away (India), a globular baby reluctantly entered the atmosphere three weeks past her due date, shattering the hospital's weight record at almost eleven pounds.

2. That baby just didn't like being hurried. She finally "bloomed" at age fourteen, lost her last baby tooth at age eighteen, and crept into the children's section of the Palo Alto Library every college final exam week for a kid read stress reliever.

3. Still plodding along as a writer, she published her second book twelve years after the first.

4. The doctor measures her blood pressure twice because it's so unbelievably low; her blood has been described as "thick" because it chugs so slowly through her veins. While "jogging" around a local pond, she's lapped frequently by children too small to be upright and tiny dogs with three-inch legs.

5. She doesn't like tag or hide-and-seek; playing them makes her feel rushed and like she has to go pee.

This is my third year of blogging and the first time ever I'm participating in a meme (see -- I'm still delayed), but I guess you're supposed to say "you're it" to some other blogging types. Okay, I'm going to tag two buddies in my Newton Free Library writers' group, J.L. Bell (of Oz and Ends fame) and Karen Day (a classof2k7-er, Tall Tales/Wendy Lamb Books/Spring 2007), and then I'm heading to the bathroom.