Paterson On An "Unsafe" Bridge To Terabithia

Check out an interview with Katherine Paterson at Christianity Today where she reveals her thoughts about the upcoming film from Disney and Walden Media based on her book, A Bridge To Terabithia, her son's writing of the screenplay, the infamous preview, and faith and writing in general. An excerpt from the interview:
Christianity Today: There's a trend lately to provide books and films for Christian audiences that are "safe for the whole family." Perhaps your books have been challenged because they're not necessarily "safe" for children. What do you make of the idea that children's books should be "safe"?

Paterson: Well, don't give them the Bible, then, because it's certainly not a safe book. Safety and faith are different things. If you want everything to be safe, then you can probably just totally do without the imagination. If you're so afraid of your imagination that you stifle it, how are you going to know God? How can you imagine heaven?