Earth Day Issue of Paper Tigers

Check out the March/April 2007 edition of Paper Tigers, a wonderful website edited by Aline Pereira for librarians, teachers, publishers, and all those interested in young readers' books from and about the Pacific Rim and South Asia. This issue has a focus on children's books and the environment, and (full disclosure) a school visit my mother and I made to the Waldorf School in San Francisco is featured in the outreach section. That's my beautiful Mom, Madhusree Bose, teaching the children how to create alpana, traditional designs from Bengal.
Inspired by the Year of the Boar and the approaching Earth Day–and going beyond our regular regional scope–these bimonthly highlights focus on children's books about animals and the natural environment. Read the thought-provoking interviews and book of the month feature, browse the galleries, and make sure to explore the links below and share them with others. We hope they will inspire you to take meaningful action.

Personal Views:

Gaia Opens an Eye by author Diane Haynes talks about species' extinction, miracles and hope; Drawing from Eco-riches: Australia's Environment in Children's Books by author Chris Cheng, talks about his favorite titles on the subject.


American Museum of Natural History's Young Naturalist Awards; Wilderness Society's Environment Award for Children's Literature, ALA's Sibert Medal for Informational Books for Children; Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards; Institute for Global Environmental Strategies Art Contest...

Book Reviews:

From PaperTigers, and Resource Links, including: Crow Medicine by Diane Haynes; Rainforest Bird Rescue by Linda Kenyon; The Killing Sea by Richard Lewis; Dale Auger's Mwâkwa Talks to the Loon; Keltie Thomas' Bear Rescue: Changing the Future for Endangered Wildlife; Jan Thornhill's Folktails: Animal Legends from Around the World and more...

Reading Lists:

Children's Books about Nature; We're Planting the Seeds; Nature Links; Eco Books; Green Museum's Suggested Reading; Theme Park's Exploration.