Sunita Gains in Translation: Oo, La, La!

Now that Sunita's story has been translated into French, and I don't speak a word of French, I used Google's translation services to decipher a plot description from a Parisian bookseller's site. Here's what I got:
The life of Sunita is direction above below! Her grandparents come from India, Didu and Dadu, moved into the house of her parents, in California. Since then, all their practices are upset! Her mother exchanges her tailored suits against the Indian traditional costume, chicken curry and samosas replaces sushis and pizza pies, and, especially, Sunita does not have any more the right to invite buddies at the house! How to explain it to Michael, the boy who dissolves it? Between her family and her friends, the heart of Sunita balances…
Wow! I like that, don't you?