Results on Talking Books Poll

Remember when I asked if you wrote or talked freely about books you haven't read? Well, 23 of you voted, and here are the results:

Do You ...
Answers Votes
1. feel free to chat/write about what you've heard even if you haven't read the book? 7 30%
2. buy or borrow it, skim it, read reviews, then enter the fray? 10 43%
3. keep mum until you've read it from cover to cover? 6 26%

As for me, as long as I'm admitting I haven't read a book, I'll share what I've heard and from whom -- but only if it's positive and I trust the source. If what I've heard is negative, I'll read the book before weighing in. But I think it's important to have all three different kinds of bloggers in the kid lit world, don't you? BTW, I still need help picking a title for my next novel, so please head over to Sparrow's Election '08 blog and vote, vote, vote.