Sparrow's MySpace Campaign

Over at Sparrowblog, Sameera's trying to friend all the presidential candidates on MySpace. In the process, she's given one of them Sparrow's MySpace Freedom of Speech Award and another a MySpace Ding.

She's also hoping to get adds from any and all of the First Kid wannabes. After she posted something about the Romney brothers probably singing in perfect harmony, one of them -- Josh Romney -- answered with a comment on Sparrow's MySpace site:
I had a chance to read the blog and really enjoyed it. All four of my brothers are campaigning for my dad and we are all really enjoying the experience. By the way, we do not all sing in key, I can assure you.
Sameera's blog is also already getting as many hits as mine. I think she's forgetting she's fictional and starting to run amuck.