First Daughter #2 Cover: Weigh in!

You voted for the title, and we went with your choice: First Daughter: White House Rules (January 2008, Dutton). Now we're in the process of finalizing a cover, and would love to hear your opinion on two works-in-progress. Please use the poll below to pick the one you like and if you have time, leave a comment about your choice.

Eerie discoveries: my editor recently informed me that the cover girl's name is Mitali. Okay, it's a somewhat common Bengali name, but it's not a Jennifer or Emily or Emma, and it means she's not just South Asian, but from the same part of India as me. Second, the cover Mitali's adopted, just like Sparrow -- now what are the odds of that?

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FYI, here's Sherry Early's Semicolon review of Sparrow's first book, and Jen Robinson's thoughts.