Two Weeks To Pub Date: Win Free Books!

Contests abound on the Fire Escape (2007 teen poetry and short story entries are due TODAY), and it's not because we South Asian types have a penchant for word-oriented competitions. My novel First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover releases in TWO weeks, and I want to give away ten books to celebrate. (You may read the first chapter here if you'd like.)

Five libraries (school and public) can win free signed hardcovers on pub date by linking to and sending the most visitors to Sparrow's '08 campaign blog before June 14, 2007. Right now, the libraries in the lead are:
THIS SUMMER: Five more libraries and/or schools win free signed books as visitors come to Sparrow's blog and leave the name of a library and/or school they love in the comments from June 15 - September 1.