Book Trailer: Take One

After following a link from Galleycat yesterday to this post about creating book trailers, I decided to play around in iMovie and see what I could do for First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover. Here goes (all feedback greatly appreciated, you can see a re-tooled version over at Sparrow's blog):

Trailer budget: $0
Knowledge of iMovie before yesterday: nil
Time spent: 6-8 hours while kids were at school
Galleycat link: priceless

Intangibles you might gain if you try this: major leap in respect for trailer storytellers; humility if the video you, a writer by profession, upload contains a major typo (you can still see mine on the Galleycat site's video; I fixed it here after a kind viewer pointed it out.)

Note: permission pending from Emi April Music for 1-time use of 2 minutes of Ms. Key's song.