Saying Smackdown: Rhys Versus Rochman

Check out this great interview via Literary Safari with Katherine Applegate of Animorph fame, who released her debut literary novel this month, Home of the Brave (the Fire Escape's glowing review coming soon). My tiny quibble was the attribution of one of my favorite quotes to Jean Rhys, a Caribbean novelist who wrote in the middle of the twentieth century:
“Reading makes immigrants of us all. It takes us away from home, but most importantly, it finds homes for us everywhere.”
I've used that phrase liberally and always given Hazel Rochman the credit based on her classic essay, "Against Borders," published in the March 1995 edition of the Horn Book.

If you google the combo of Rhys and the quote, you come up with this. But when you google Rochman and the same saying, you get this. Help me, research types who despise google and wikipedia searches: who said it?