First Daughter 2 Book Trailer / Take One

Once again, I play around with Quicktime, iMovie, Creative Commons, and public domain music downloads from CNET to come up with a free homemade book trailer for First Daughter: White House Rules (Dutton, January 2008). Hey, necessity's the mother of invention, and I didn't see a line of pros begging to make a trailer for me, so I threw the word "tacky" out of mind and ventured forth.

Here's the first take, with my own voice doing the audio. Our high school's drama star (who's my bud) has agreed to record the final narration. I'd love some feedback from my Fire Escape visitors as I move to a more polished version.

Photo Credits (Courtesy of Creative Commons):

DSC00622 by JohnEdwards2008
Ben and Matt Romney at the Caucus by talkradionews
Governor Huckabee's New Hampshire Tour by VictoryNH
Chelsea Clinton in the Audience by Why Tuesday?
Black and White House by Scott Ableman
The White House by Scott Ableman
Beth10 by cwalker71
Big Bubba by ReelLady
New Laptop by Arbron
Burqa a Meta by FotoRita
Flickr Friends by Meer
Bollywood Couple by Photos4Dreams

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Star-Spangled Banner by GTX
Dance Vibrations by Elpis