Will REAL sparrowblogger stand up?

Help! I'm having one of those existential "who am I?" moments. Here's the scoop. 

So in First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover, a middle-aged marketing guru writes a fake blog for Sameera, and she reasserts her voice by going public with a real blog called sparrowblog.

For campaign '08, I've been tracking the real candidates' kids through sparrowblog.com, which is basically me (a middle-aged marketing guru wannabe) pretending to be Sparrow. One of Sparrow's fans apparently didn't like that much, so she set up another blog with Sparrow's real blog entries from the book. It's called THE REAL SAMEERA SPARROW RIGHTON.  

I have no idea who this wonderful person is, but I love her spirit.  The problem is that Sparrow's "real" blog entries were also written by, er, me.

My conclusion: we're all characters in a story; nobody is real.