Kelly Bingham on readergirlz TONIGHT!

Come join us for a live chat on the readergirlz MySpace forum with our April-is-poetry-month author Kelly Bingham tonight, Thursday April 24th, at 6 p.m. PDT and 9 p.m. EDT (you mountain and central people do the math and join us.) 
SHARK GIRL: A Novel In Verse

What happens when life as you know it is changed forever? What happens when your dreams are snatched away? And how do you move on when you have lost part of yourself forever?

Shark Girl is a story of fifteen-year old Jane Arrowood, a budding artist and junior in high school. On a sunny summer day, Jane goes to the beach with her family and goes for a swim. That's when everything changes---forever.

Now she dreads returning to school, with her fake arm and the stares, whispers, and pity of the students around her.

Told in poems, letters, newspaper articles, and conversations, SHARK GIRL looks at what it's like to find the courage to rebuild the life you thought you'd lost.
Here's an excerpt from Kelly's conversations this month with the girlz:
Does anyone here have recurring dreams? Are they good or bad?

I have several. For years and years, I had a recurring nightmare about walking along the slippery edge of a pool filled with sharks. It was terrifying.

The funny thing is, after completing Shark Girl, I never had that dream again.

Now I dream about orcas! ... In my dream, I walk to the beach, come over a hill, look down, and see scores of Orcas floundering around in the shallows, looking menacing and scary. Sometimes they are even coming up on the sand.