Cyclone in Burma: How to Help

With the death toll rising in Burma, I thought I'd pass on one way to help -- through World Vision:
World Vision is airlifting emergency supplies to survivors of the devastating cyclone that struck Myanmar over the weekend. Right now, more than 20,000 people are feared dead. Thousands more have been left homeless and desperately need food, shelter, and fresh, clean water. World Vision is delivering emergency supplies to the children and families who've lost their homes in the cyclone. Some of the most important items include emergency food, survival kits, water purifiers, tarps and shelters, and mosquito nets for survivors.
Help Now

World Vision's National Director in Myanmar, James Tumbuan, described a chaotic scene: "Yangon totally collapsed. All the roads were blocked with fallen trees ... Getting drinking water is a real problem. We need water purification units like those that were used in the tsunami. It could take days to get the electricity back."
If you know of other ways to help, feel free to leave the information in the comments.