Here's To The Obama Family's Librarian

Remember when I sent copies of my books to the McCain and Obama girls as payback for tracking them on sparrowblog?

Well, I haven't heard back yet from Meghan or Bridget, and the padded envelope containing Rickshaw Girl was returned to sender by Obama's campaign headquarters, unopened.

I'd already inscribed the book to Sasha and Malia, so I decided to send it again, this time directly to their school library. Here's the handwritten note I just got from their librarian:
Thank you so much for the gift of your wonderful book in honor of Malia and Sasha. We do already own a copy, but kids love it, and an additional copy, especially as a gift from you, will be treasured. It is a beautiful story, and a glimpse into a world so different from ours. I will also write a note to the Obamas to let them know the book is here. Thanks again for your thoughtful gift.
Now that's classy. The hand that chooses the books and checks them out to kids rules the world.