India Loves Children's Books

American publishers should be paying close attention to the growing book consuming power in my native land. Most Indian kids who buy books don't need translations and enjoy stories originally written in English. Here's more evidence of how quickly that market's changing:
You're invited to a week-long extravaganza of book-related events around the city, culminating in two days of dramatic readings and interactive workshops with internationally-renowned author and illustrators, where children will be inspired to read, draw, watch, question, imagine… to discover new worlds, and rediscover beloved classics.

Our ambition is that Bookaroo 2008 will be just the first of an India-wide series of festivals over the coming years

Bookaroo will help to raise the profile of Indian children’s books within India and abroad. It will help generate sales, ignite media-interest, actively foster links between professionals in the industry, educate and entertain and inform.
… And all over Delhi too!