I've Got The Royalty Statement Blues

It's an election year.

A couple of brown girls are heading to the White House.

I promoted as hard as I could (even hiring a publicist for the first time).

Reviewers said the books were "fast and funny" and sure to "grab teen readers," described Sameera as "savvy and appealing," and even compared them to the The Princess Diaries series.

My blog buddies did their best to get the buzz going, and readers still send me the nicest fan mail.

So here's my question for my Fire Escape visitors (okay, it's a bit of a whine): WHY AREN'T MY FIRST DAUGHTER BOOKS SELLING MORE COPIES?
  1. They're okay, but honestly? Not your best books.

  2. The covers sent out a "multicultural" vibe, not a "chick lit" vibe, which (I hate to say it) might have hurt sales.

  3. You shouldn't have made Sparrow's Dad a Republican. What were you thinking?

  4. The timing of release was wrong -- June 2007 was way too early for book one.

  5. They should have been released in paperback from the start, the hardcovers were too expensive.

  6. That's the way the baby bounces these days, sweetie. Suck it up and move on.
With the inauguration coming up, I'm wondering if I can gather my energies to give the books one last promotional push, or if it's just not worth it. Unfortunately, if the paperback of EXTREME AMERICAN MAKEOVER doesn't sell well, the paperback of WHITE HOUSE RULES will never see the light of day.

Please be harsh and straight if you answer via comments, because I'd like to understand the mysteries of this industry. My skin is thick from years of being in this profession, and I don't even care if you've never heard of the books. Just vote. If you prefer an anonymous quiz, here you go, please pick the answer you think fits best, and guess if you've never read them.