My Epitaph: Suh-weet TY Note

Came home from Nashville (at 1:30 in the morning!) to find a pile of notes from 8th graders. I treasure each thank you, but the ones from boys who'd been dreading my visit are the best:
I'd have to admit, at first I wasn't so excited when I heard we had a guest author, because the previous guest authors blab on about this and that and it's not much fun to listen to. But you were not that kind of guest speaker, because you allowed us to interact with writing, personal stories, all sorts of stuff. Also, seriously, what other guest author has a slideshow about her life and writing with the "Thriller" in it? That was pretty awesome. 
Then the writing workshop was a lot of fun, too. I wrote the last one that you read aloud, about the confused character in the disco club. It was fun to learn the steps you use in writing and apply them all at the same time. I found your "five step" strategy very helpful, and am looking forward to using it in my writing. I was happy that you read mine, because it provided a laugh for everyone, especially me and my afro-toting friend, who everyone thinks is a hippie and a disco addict. 
I also really enjoyed the imitations of your father, too, because he seems like a really nice and funny guy. Well, all in all, it was without a doubt the best presentation by a guest author, or any guest speaker for that matter! It was the highlight of my eighth grade year so far, and will most definitely stay there! 
Will someone please read that note at my funeral? You'll find it under my pillow.