PW's Sweet Review of SECRET KEEPER

The book's not out till January, but here are are few excerpts from Publisher Weekly's review of SECRET KEEPER (Delacorte, January 2009):
In an intimate and absorbing drama about a displaced Indian family in the 1970s, Perkins (Monsoon Summer) vividly highlights the conflict between traditional Indian values and feminist ideals ... Readers may not always agree with Asha’s bold decisions, but they will admire her courage and selflessness as she puts her family’s needs before her own. Besides offering insight into Indian culture, Perkins offers a moving portrait of a rebellious teen who relies on ingenuity rather than charm to prove her worth. Ages 12–up
"Intimate and absorbing," I've been murmuring under my breath as I go about my business. "A moving portrait." That helps to silence the bad voices in my head. Every author hears them, and they must be vanquished.