War and Peace in Children's Books

Here's a terrifying phrase to turn into an oxymoron: children of war. Even Hollywood's jumping on the bandwagon, with hit shows like HEROES and 24 capitalizing on a growing moral outrage over human trafficking and child soldiers. The children's book community is ahead of the curve this time, thanks to PaperTigers.

Check out their interview with Deborah Ellis, author of Off to War: Voices of Soldiers' Children, and the rest of their resource-rich issue on War, Peace, and Social Justice in Children's Books, which includes these goodies:

Author and collage-artist, Susan L. Roth talks about co-writing and illustrating Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea; her approach to collage; and the power of art to break barriers and promote peace.

A special feature by six children's book illustrators who have tackled the difficult topic of war and conflict with sensitivity.

Books for Thought and Action: A Taste of Jane Addams' Legacy by Jo Montie.

Learning That War Is Not a Game by Kathy Beckwith.

Finding One Thousand Tracings
by Lita Judge (reprinted with permission).

Strengthening the Good, Stamping Out the Bad: Children’s Books & Good Causes.

New book reviews from PaperTigers, CCBC and Books for Keeps, as well as a compilation of previously featured titles on the themes of war, peace and social justice.

A selection of thematic reading lists and links to online resources.