What Am I Doing?

This thing is getting big.

It's fun, don't get me wrong. When a reporter called to ask about it, I told her that in a time when bad news seems to be getting our industry down, we wanted to celebrate our bigger vision statement: connecting young people to great stories.

But I've got questions. For example, do we assign teen/YA authors to one store, and the PB authors/illustrators to another, etc., or do we mix up audience ages at every bookstore? Which will work better to bring families to the event?

Will bookstores feel slighted if we don't give them a "big draw" author?

Who is a "big draw" author, anyway?

Who is "we" (apart from our initial trio of twitterers and Deborah Sloan)?

Yikes. All input appreciated.

The amazing part is that because it's happened so quickly and virtually, I'm in the same pair of sweatpants I was wearing when the whole thing started (don't worry, they've been washed.)

Now if only I could exploit recent events to lure Jack Gantos and Lois Lowry into participating ...

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