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The Bulletin enjoyed it:
The characters are skillfully drafted, playing the requisite parts (domineering matriarch, displaced wife, gangly teenager) without becoming caricatures, and the setting is richly depicted. Offer this to fans of family drama as well as those who seek literary windows into other cultural or historical contexts.
Blogger Jen Robinson's review was thrilling because she described my dream response from readers:
I read it two quick sittings, eager to know what would happen next. I could practically smell and taste Calcutta in the 1970's, and I loved the characters, especially Asha.
Sherry Early at Semicolon picks it as her favorite among my novels:
Such a powerful story! Secret Keeper is a tale of love and loss, of traditional family and of new ways and mores creeping into and disrupting the old conventions ... I really think that this book is Ms. Perkins’ best book to date, an exploration of cultural norms and changing roles, of responsibility to self and to family, and of flawed but loving answers to difficult issues.
When you write for teens, you cherish their kudos. Listen to Sarah Woodard at Sarah's Random Musings:
The characters drew a hole in my heart from how life-like they were and how the ending wasn't exactly what I wanted. It was still amazing. If you want to discover a book that will pull your heart strings and make you wonder: How much would you sacrifice to save someone that you loved?
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