Meet the Fugees

Stopped by the Carter Center in Atlanta last night for the tail end of a presentation by Warren St. John (author of OUTCASTS UNITED: A Refugee Town, An American Dream) and Coach Luma Mufleh, who leads the Fugees Family.

But the highlight of the evening was meeting the Fugees themselves, who sat in the front rows, resplendent in nice shirts and ties, and after the event patiently signed books for dozens of visitors -- and posed for their growing number of fans.

Now I'm about to teach three classes to aspiring and published writers. Here they are:

1) Baking up a Book: 13 Key Ingredients of the Writing Life

So you want to be a writer? In this class, we’ll cover a baker’s dozen of essentials you’ll need to know to get published. Get the skinny on queries, submissions, agents, editors, royalties, contracts, rejections, revisions, and other basics of the fast-changing book industry. We’ll close with questions — anything goes.

2) Name Branding: Creating a Niche as a Writer

Writing is about making a difference, but it’s also about making a living. A niche can give you an edge in a competitive industry, leading to writing assignments, speaking gigs, and book contracts. Leave this class with a practical plan to brand yourself as a writer.

3) Pajama Promotion: Web-Savvy Ways To Generate Book Buzz

Thanks to the power of the internet, you can spread the word about your writing without leaving that comfy recliner by the fire. In this class, you’ll learn how to overcome fears about wired marketing, rev up your website, refine the art of blogging and micro-blogging, join groups and social networks, partner with booksellers, and set manageable goals.