Crossed a Border Lately?

"Reading makes immigrants of us all," said Hazel Rochman. "It takes us away from home, but, most importantly, it finds homes for us everywhere."

Check your nightstand. How far are you traveling in your fiction? Here's my border-crossing challenge.
Share the title of a children's or YA novel you've read recently or plan to read featuring a protagonist who (a) wasn't born in your country of origin.

Then tell us about a good book with a main character (b) who is someone most of your ancestors a hundred or so years ago might have been shocked and ashamed to see you marry or befriend.
For me, (a) is easy since I was born in India, so basically most of the novels I read qualify, but (b) means a good book featuring a Muslim young man, so Khaled Hosseini's KITE RUNNER (which I think is an upper YA read) fits the bill. What about you?