Evaluating a YA Book

YALSA's Best Books For Young Adults librarians and teens ask questions to decide whether or not the nominated books will make the final cut. I thought they might be helpful for all of us who review and evaluate novels. What do you think of these? Are there any surprises or questions you'd never ask?

  • How well did the author capture your attention?
  • How clear was the author’s theme or message?
  • How vivid were the details?
  • How well did the book build in intensity?
  • How clear was the resolution?
  • How well did the author’s language add to the book?
  • How well did the writing match the book’s intended audience?
  • How well did the characters develop?
  • How effective was the author’s voice?
  • How well did the dialogue match the theme and style of the book?
  • How enticing was the cover?
  • How enticing was the jacket blip?
  • How much did you enjoy reading this book?
  • How highly would you recommend this book?
  • How likely are you to reread this book?
  • How well did this book match your morals and ethics?
  • How heavily did the influence of others affect your choice to read this book?
  • How memorable was this book?
  • How 3-D and alive was this book?
  • How creative was this book?
  • Did you finish the book? Why? Why not?
  • What did you like or dislike about the cover?
  • Pick 5 words to describe this book.