Boston Kid Lit Pie Night Redux

We schmoozed. We ate pie. We lifted our forks in the direction of the NY Kid Lit Drinks Night, where a Boston Cream Pie was being consumed in our honor. But best of all, we talked and celebrated Kid/YA Lit.

The Venue: Pie Bakery and Cafe, Newton Centre, MA

It was quiet until ...

... 40 or so Kid/YA book aficionados showed up

The conversation sparkled ...

... and Deborah Sloan said the pie was pretty good, too.

We tried an L.M. Montgomery postcard puzzle icebreaker, where each participant got a quarter of one of Montgomery's book covers. During the evening, the goal was to discover the people clutching the other three quarters and introduce yourself.

Thanks to the reassembled-with-tape cards, here's the list of attendees in no particular order (If I'm missing you, or spelled your name wrong, please add or fix in the comments and I'll update.)
Shoshana Flax
Emilie Boon
Anne Handley
Karen Jo Shapiro
Bev Chapman
Melissa Stewart
Katie Bayerl
Alyssa Pusey
Suchitra Mumford
Robert Guthrie
Kathleen Benner Duble
Margaret Muirhead
Donna Spurlock
Maria Gianferrari
Karen Day
Kim Ablon Whitney
Larry from Rhode Island
Kara Schaff Dean
Laya Steinberg
Ellen Nichols
Jessica Dubois
Brittany Schlorff
Anna Staniszewski
Nandini Bajpai
John Bell
Emily from NESCBWI
Anne Broyles
Deborah Sloan
Janet Costa Bates
Livia Blackburne
Kate Narita
Amy Greenwald
Ammi-Joan Paquette
Lauren Macleod
Karen Kosko
Mara Berkeley
Anindita Basu Sempere
Mitali Perkins