Five Good Twitter Gifts

I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a social media maniac. Why, Mitali, why? you might be asking. Let me share five sweet outcomes of my involvement with Twitter, moving from the sublime to the practical:
  1. Getting to know a slew of fabulous New England independent booksellers as well as local authors and illustrators via Kids Heart Authors Day, not to mention making a good buddy and colleague in Deborah Sloan, marketing maven. (Now Publisher's Weekly is hosting a National Bookstore Day, and I'm not beyond thinking that imitation is a form of flattery.)

  2. The chance to shift from a myopic stare at my own book promotion to a wider vision of connecting kids to many great stories via Twitter Book Parties.

  3. Editor Pradipta Sarkar of HarperCollins India found me on Twitter, and we chatted back and forth about my books via 140-character tweets. Now three of them are going to be published in India (the books, not the tweets.)

  4. Books galore, books a-plenty. For example, Jennifer Hart of Harper Perennial and Harper paperbacks discovered I was a big Betsy-Tacy fan via my tweets, so she sent me copies of their re-issues. I got them today:

  5. Several speaking gigs, like this one at the California School Library Association Convention on November 20, 2009 (notice that's just when I start to get the winter blues here in Boston), were fully arranged via Twitter.
Got any examples of your own when it comes to how social media has enhanced your writing career? Share them here and I'll use them for fodder at an NESCBWI Salon Deborah Sloan and I are leading this November.