The Mysterious Google Book Settlement

I'm hoping some of you might be as confused as I am by the Google Book Settlement, because if it's just me who doesn't get it, I'm in trouble. In any case, the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators sums it up nicely as does the Author's Guild.

Since the deadline for authors to opt out is 9/4, I posed this question yesterday on Twitter and Facebook: "Should I opt out of the Google Books Settlement? Did you?" Answers came from a few people:
@jlbellwriter: I opted in with Google Books. I use that service about every two hours, so I figure I don't really have a case against it.

@jlbellwriter: Plus, Google Books is free marketing. And I don't plan to sue a company with billions of dollars over micro-royalties.

: My agency (Wm Morris Endeavor) very publicly suggested we opt out. Articles were written, debate ensued. I did opt out.

@juliadevillers: William Morris Endeavor stance and followup Publisher's Weekly story.

@kdueykduey: I haven't, but I have been so busy, I am underinformed. But they have, like 150 pages of Skin Hunger up. With gaps, but 150!

@Bonnie Adamson
: If you want to retain your right to sue individually, you should opt out. Not a feasible option for me, so I registered.

Alexandra Finn:
Having done products liability for years, I can say that usually, the only reason to opt out of a class action is because you are going to sue on your own. So you have to ask yourself: Are you really? Is it worth it? In this case, probably not. It's not worth your time and effort.
So what did I do? I didn't opt out, but I did claim my books. Chime in below with your decision. Now if only I could figure out what to do about that Google Adsense Settlement ...