A Dream-Come-True Invitation

I was sampling veggie burgers in a Costco aisle yesterday when I decided to check my email. My phone uploaded a message from Jennifer Hart of HarperPerennial; here's part of what she wrote:
... I was wondering if you would be interested in writing the foreword to the new edition of Emily of Deep Valley. I’m thrilled to be bringing this one back especially as so many fans cite it as among their favorites of Maud Hart Lovelace's books. I also think it touches on so many interesting themes that are still relevant today ...
I re-read the email, heart racing, tears blurring my eyes. The veggie burger guy watched with a look of concern as I managed to word this response on my iPhone:
Do you know how much I love Emily of Deep Valley? I have re-read it countless times since I discovered it as a newcomer to this country years ago in the Flushing library.
I am honored, thrilled, ecstatic, over-the-top, doing-a-Bollywood-Dance delighted.
I accept with gratitude and humility as I consider Ms. Lovelace's impact on me through the years.
Jennifer gave me permission to share this with you, so that's my Ta-Da announcement! Can you believe it? Anyone have a time machine? I want to find nine-year-old Mitali scouring the NYPL shelves for anything Maud Hart Lovelace and tell her the news.