In Which My Book Goes on Tour Without Me

On this rainy day in Boston, I'm loving being at home in my yoga pants and flip-flops. The best part is knowing that my novel Bamboo People is heading out on tour, thanks to my innovative friend Vivian Mahoney (otherwise known as blogger Hip Writer Mama.)

Here are the details according to Vivian:
  • COMMENT here and include what U.S. state you live in—no addresses please, just your state.
  • FIVE (5) people will be selected to participate in the BAMBOO PEOPLE ARC Road Trip. I'll map out the route and e-mail each person one address for mailing purposes.
  • READ the ARC and POST a review on your blog.
  • WRITE a message for Mitali in the ARC and MAIL it to the next person within 2 weeks. I haven't had a chance to get the book weighed at the post office, but it should cost less than $5.00 at book rate.
  • THE final reader will send the ARC directly to Mitali!
  • DEADLINE for commenting is Monday, April 5th at 11pm EST.
I'm so grateful to Vivian for organizing this (she is truly hip), and can't wait to read the comments in the book. Bon voyage, Bamboo People!