Wheeee! Here I go!

I'll be sporadic in posting the next few weeks as I'll be in four different states. Here's my schedule:
4/9: Alderwood Middle School, Lynwood, WA 
4/10-11: SCBWI WWA Regional Conference, Seattle, WA 
4/16: Proctor School, Topsfield, MA 
4/20: South Hillsborough Elementary School, Hillsborough, CA 
4/26: International Reading Assocation Conference, Chicago, IL 
4/27: SECRET KEEPER paperback release
I'll be sending photos and blips via Twitter if you follow me there. Also, to celebrate the paperback release of Secret Keeper (which, to my amazement and delight, was just shortlisted for the Massachusetts Book Award), I'm dedicating my twitter stream to the re-tweeting of posts by ten organizations that empower girls.

Hope to see some of you in real life over the next couple of weeks!