Blog of Note: Bamboo People in the Blogger Limelight

Nineteen hours ago, I tweeted this:
Didn't I make my book website pretty with @blogger's new template design tools?
About an hour later, blogger (a Google affiliate which I use as a platform for this blog), obviously on twitter, graciously featured my book site as yesterday's "Blog of Note."

What is a blog of note, anyway? Here's the official description:
Blogs of Note ... waited for its moment, which finally came when an attempt to put a Blog Search box on the Blogger homepage went awry and ended up as Explore Blogs, an overly delightfully-animated look into the most interesting, most recent, and most random blogs on Blogger (plus a search box). Finally, Blogs of Note was given back its spotlight and — so as not to look stale and lame — we kicked it up a notch and started updating it more often, showing off a new noteworthy blog every day.  In the past five years, over seven hundred blogs have appeared on Blogs of Note (at least one of them twice!)
What this means is that two weeks before pub date, I'm getting hundreds of visitors from all over the world to the book's website. Check out my site stats for the last 24 hours:

Does this mean I'm selling books? Probably not. But we're shining a bit more light on the children of Burma, right?