Ideas For Indies Who Want to Sell Multicultural Titles?

Random House has kindly arranged a brainstorm meeting tomorrow by phone for some of their staff, several great independent booksellers who want to sell "multicultural" children's and YA titles, and me.

I'm excited and a bit nervous. Seven or eight years ago, I couldn't have imagined being a part of such a conversation. In anticipation, I tweeted this yesterday:

"Chatting this Thursday with some great indies about how to sell books like mine—i.e., lacking paranormality, cleavage, white people. Ideas?"

@dosankodebbie said, "Target international school libraries. There are countless international schools all over the world with non-white and mixed-race kids."

@LisaLOwens tweeted, "You could mention little things like relatable characters, absorbing drama, exciting/fresh settings. Readers like all that!"

@PaulWHankins, a teacher, suggested this: "The stores can show content and curricular connections."

When it comes to a book like Bamboo People, for example, @emilytastic said, "I'd pitch it at teachers and librarians, and at boys reading war and political books."

How would you answer my question?